5 Best web scraping tools

The web scraping tools allow the firms to gather open-source data that is cleaned, structured, synthesized, processed and ready for the team to analyze. Since they are built explicitly for extracting information from websites, they are also called web data extraction or harvesting tools. 

The new data entry methods don’t need repetitive copy-pasting or typing information. It can make up 61% of web traffic in its network. In this blog, you will learn about the five best web data extraction tools that can help you collect information with zero coding. These tools automatically or manually search for nee data and fetch and store them for easy accessibility. For instance, one may gather information about products and their cost from Amazon with the help of the scrapping tool.  

Five Best Data Scraping tools 

Let’s glimpse some of the best data scraping tools available today. While some of them have trial periods or premium plans, some of them are free. Do look into the detailed information of the tools before you subscribe with anyone for your specific requirements. 

1. Smartproxy SERP Scraping APIThe Google search results pages of web scraping seem tedious without good setup. Smartproxy’s SERP scraping API feature is an effective solution for it. It combines the data parser, webs scraper and proxy network. This SERP API is a full-stack solution that allows you to receive structured data from the primary search engines by sending a successful API request. 

Smartproxy’s search engine proxies do everything for you. Either it’s about tracking the SEO metrics in real-time, checking keyword rankings, monitoring prices, or retrieving organic and paid data. You can target any city, state or country and receive parsed JSON results or raw HTML results. You can get it for $100/month, excluding the value-added tax. 

5 best web scraping tools

2. Scraper API 

The Scraper API helps to simplify the web scraping process. Also, its proxy API tool can also manage proxies, CAPTCHAs, and web browsers. The famous web scraper supports programming languages such as PHP, Java, Ruby, Python, Node, and Bash. It has many features, and some of them include –

It is entirely customizable and thus offers easy integration, 12+ geolocations, unlimited bandwidth with speeds up to 100Mb/s, JavaScript rendering, 40 million IPs and IP rotation. 

Scraper API has three different plans for its users; they can choose as per their personal preferences. It involves Business – $249/month, Startup- $99/month, and Hobby- $29/month.

3. Import.io

Import.io lets the builder form their datasets by importing the information from one web page and exporting it to CSV. You can quickly encounter several web pages in minutes without drawing any code for them and build 1000+ APIs based on your needs. 

Import.io optimizes cutting-edge technology to supply a massive amount of data daily that firms can avail of for a low fee. Along with the web scrapping tool, Import.io also provides Mac OS X, Linux, and free apps for Windows to build data crawlers and extractors, download them and sync the data with the online account.

4. Scrape.do

Scrape.do is a simple web scraping tool that provides a fast, scalable, and proxy web scraper API in an endpoint. Based on the features and cost-effectiveness, the web scraper is one of the best tools that facilitate data scrapping in the USA. Unlike other tools, Scrape.do not charge different prices for Google or any other websites. It provides the best performance and price ratio in the industry for Google scraping. In addition, the tool runs on a 2-3 seconds average speed in gathering the data from Instagram with a high success rate. 

Not just that, but the gateway speed of Scrape.do is also four times faster than its competitors. Further, its tools offer mobile proxy and residential access as cheaper. Some of the features of Scrape.do are as follows- 

  • Only charges for successful requests 
  • Fully customizable
  • Unlimited bandwidth in all plans 
  • Super proxy parameter lets you extract the data from websites with safety against the IPs for the data centre. 
  • Geotargeting choices for ten countries. 
  • JavaScript render enables you to pull web pages needed to render JavaScript. 
  • The rotating proxies allow you to extract any website and rotate each request with its proxy tool to the API. 

5. Site

Previously called Scrapinghub, Site is a cloud-based data scraping tool that lets many developers fetch valuable information from websites. It uses Crawlera, a smart proxy rotator that bypasses bot counter-measures to drag bot-protected or large sites easily. 

5 best web scraping tools

Not just that but the data extractor tool converts the whole web page into organized content. The site’s expert team is always there to help if the crawl builder cannot tailor it to your needs. It is also an accessible data scrapping tool whose free plan provides you access to 1 concurrent crawl. On the other hand, its premium plan month gives access to 4 parallel crawls. 

Popular cases of web scrapping tools used by industries –

Over 19% of companies used the data extraction tool for specific requirements. Here is the list of some famous cases of companies presently utilizing the tool for various purposes – 

  • Food delivery Market: As the demand for food deliveries has exploded over the years, firms are consistently looking to gather restaurant menu data, trending cuisines and order volumes. 
  • eCommerce: It is a significant competitive field with many value-driven buyers. The tool gathers data from brands, vendors, and marketers like customer reviews, product pricing, sell-through rates, and other information. This helps them optimize their designs, product listings and production lines for reasonable conversion rates. 
  • Social Media Marketing: Companies use the data extraction tool to gain insights into the social sentiments of the target audience and to find the influencers who can partner with them to know about the posts most consumers are engaging with. This helps the companies or businesses to join the narrative and bring new interests. 


Extracting complex information from a set of data sources is a tedious task, underscoring the need to use sound and practical tools that offer zero coding. Hence, to avoid picking the right tool, you can choose anyone from the above-mentioned ones. 

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