About the company

Right Click is an Israel-based tech service provider company. It makes cutting-edge mobile apps and websites based on the current market trends in Israel. Right Click takes on big projects from both government and private institutions as it specialises in website construction, website promotion, marketing advice, and ancillary Internet projects and Web systems, which make managing and creating various sorts of websites easy. 

The challenge

Our client delegated to us a task that they got from a real estate business. As we know, to buy or sell a property, we always need an agent or mediator to find a quick deal. But both parties must pay a share to the broker. To avoid this, the client wanted to advertise without involving any third party or paying any unnecessary brokerage. So, they decided to advertise in Facebook groups related to real estate. 

To look for every single Facebook group related to real estate and then advertise in them is a tiring process. If done manually, it will take a lot of time and effort.

Thus, the main requirement of the client was to make this process completely automated. The process was to be done by a system that would save time, cost, and labour as well.

The solution

The first thing we did was construct a workflow for the process and the system’s operation. After thoroughly discussing and documenting the process, we created a system that creates a link with the keywords (for searching groups) like the Facebook link format. The system uses the saved credentials and logs in to the account. It then finds the related groups and joins them. After joining the real estate for sale or rent is posted in these groups to ensure maximum reach. After the bot post in around 20 groups, the report is generated for the publicity task automatically and sent to the client. To avoid Facebook bot detection, we have taken the necessary measures. If the process is interrupted, the system stops the process and gives an output about the problem. 

The outcome

The customer makes a post that he wants to upload to several groups after the bot adds itself to various groups. The groups are then updated with the post, and the bot uploads it to 20 groups. It also comments on that particular post, which helps increase the reach of that post. It generates more leads as more people see the post and contact the real estate business. Compared to the manual process, which would take days, this technique takes less than ten minutes.

In a single cycle, we were able to join more than 70 groups using this scraper and automated program in one day. The client was pleased with the work since it allowed him to promote without using an agent, which helped him save time, money, and effort.

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