The Client and his team work in Real Estate Business. As we all know to sell and buy a property, we always need an agent or mediator to find a quick deal. But both parties must pay a share to the broker. To avoid this, the client wanted to advertise without involving any third party or paying any unnecessary brokerage. So, the client decided to advertise in Facebook groups related to real estate. 

To advertise in groups is a time-consuming task if done manually. The Client will have to search for the groups, join them, create a post, and then post it individually in every group. This process is time takings as well as inefficient. It would be an added cost and labour for the Client. This is a very difficult task if it is done manually. Thus, the main requirement of the client was to make this process completely automated. The process was to be done by a system that would save time, cost, and labour as well. 

Firstly, we constructed a workflow of the process and the system’s working. The process was thoroughly discussed and documented. The process works as follows: When the process is initiated, the system creates a link with the keywords (for searching groups) like the Facebook link format. Thereafter, the system uses the saved credentials and logs in to the account. Then the system finds the relatable groups and joins them. To avoid Facebook bot detection, we have taken the necessary measures. If the process is interrupted the system stops the process and gives the output about the problem. 

Once we have been added to different groups, then the client creates a post that he wants to upload to the many groups. That post is then fed to the system and uploaded to all the groups by the Bot. This process takes less than 10 minutes as compared to the manual process which would take several days. 

Using this scraper and automation tool, we were able to join more than 70 groups in one cycle. The client was satisfied with the work as he was able to advertise without any agent and it saved him time, money, and effort.


  • The process helped the client with business growth and saved so many resources for him.
  • The client was able to get better deals by directly contacting the buyer and seller. 
  • Saved time, cost, and effort for all parties. 
  • People can leverage such technologies for their business development.

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