Have you ever used Amazon Seller Central site to run your business and it felt more like a tedious and repetitive job than your own business? Or, have you ever wondered why many of these tasks feel mundane and you could use the time and energy required to do them on tasks that will help grow your business? Fortunately, we built an Amazon Seller Automation that will make your life a little better!

What is Amazon Seller Central?

Amazon Seller Central is the interface that is used by merchants to market and sell their products directly to customers within the Amazon marketplace. An Amazon Seller Central account is considered a marketplace or third-party Amazon seller (3P). The Amazon seller is responsible for setting up and maintaining their seller account.

What was the problem?

The client is a seller on Amazon and wanted to automate the shipping queues. The shipping queues are the plans, which a seller has to fill by providing the information about products in that shipment and their quantities. For every shipment the client had to first search the shipment and then figure out the products one by one and fill information like the number of boxes and quantity in each box along with products’ expiry dates. It was a tedious task to do as one has to see the product name manually, then find it in the given sheet and then fill the relevant information in the provided fields. This method was both error-prone and time-consuming at the same time since human efforts were needed to complete the task.

So, we came up with a solution to solve this problem using the power of automation and python. We developed a software to login to the seller’s account and complete the whole process from finding the shipping plan to creating custom sticker that could be pasted on individual boxes in just a double-click!

What does our software do exactly?

The first thing in order to run this software is credentials to an active Amazon Seller account and the shipment file in CSV format which contains information like merchant SKU, quantity per box and the prepped by initials which appears on the final stickers. And that’s it!!

So first we login into the Amazon seller account using the credentials provided and then find the plan that user provides to the software before running the software. Then our software takes the control in its hands and finds the plan on seller’s site. Once it finds that plan it goes on to perform the next step i.e., viewing and preparing shipments before they could be confirmed. In “View Shipment” segment there might exist multiple shipments under a single plan. And our software handle that case gracefully as well. It goes to each shipment one after the another in a sequence and fills out information like shipping service and type of shipment packing on it’s own!!

The next step is filling the webform that contains vital information like shipment contents, shipment quantity, units per box, number of boxes and the expiration date. Here the software makes use of the CSV provided by the user to fetch the information and then fill it in the web-form by matching product names. Then it goes on to create box labels which the user sticks on the boxes when he/she ships. These labels are saved as a pdf in a single file.

Here the automation part on the Amazon seller website ends and the further processing starts. The downloaded pdf has 6 stickers on a single page and they do not come with custom “Prepped by initials” written on them as per client’s requirement. Here we come into the picture and take the downloaded pdf as a input and add the custom labels/text as per the CSV and also make the pdf to contain a single sticker on a single page with changed orientation as well!

The final pdf as per client’s requirements get stored in a specified folder with current date and time so that user can go back to it any time in the future.

Salient features of our Amazon Seller Automation

  • Need to change only two parameters “shipping plan name” and “csv sheet” by customer.
  • Our software can run in background with just a command line open or the process can be visually seen if user wishes so!
  • No manual input needed while the software is running.
  • Human readable logs are maintained so even the user can figure out if there’s a problem.
  • Saved time, cost, and effort for all parties. 
  • Custom labels can be added to final pdf as per the clients’ requirement.

Amazon Seller Automation