The client wanted to approach as many investors as possible who had the highest possibility to invest in a certain area of business. The main problem to be tackled was that there was no specific place where we could get the details of all such possible investors along with their contact emails.

We manually searched for different sources from which we could scrape such investors. We then automated the process of finding the contact emails for all found investor leads through various platforms such as findThatlead, google, etc. We combined the results found from all these sources and delivered the leads to the client in a format required by the client.

Platforms such as findThatlead and google prevent bots from using their service. Various approaches were integrated within the script to avoid detection. Captcha solving service was also integrated within the script to automate solving captchas.


  • A lot of time and human effort is saved through this bot.

  • The client can reach a huge number of people at once through this group and increase their reach.

  • Databases of various sites were used so a large pool of data is collected than collecting from some single source.

Crypto Sites Scraper