The client’s company works on Beauty and Saloon products. The client wanted to generate leads from Facebook pages related to Saloons. The client wanted to scrap all the details of saloon pages such as Contact Number, Email Address, Page URL, Website, time, and date. Some examples of keywords include Spa, Saloon, Hairdresser etc. 

The main purpose of the client was to get the details of all the saloons available for marketing purposes. The problem was to get the details of thousands of saloons. If this is done manually it would take so much more time. Searching and scanning the keywords on all the pages would be next to impossible, it would drain more human resources and it would also become more expensive. 

This manual work can be easily done by using a scraper bot at a very low cost as compared to the cost of manual work. It is more efficient as well as timesaving. So, keeping this in mind, we agreed to build a scraper bot for scrapping details of all Saloon pages from Facebook according to the location. 

First, we designed the workflow of the bot and how the scraper will work. When the file is first initiated, it will open a command prompt. The credentials of the Facebook account are saved already with the bot. The keywords are entered in a file which is detected by the system for searching purpose. After entering the keywords, the system opens a browser, enters the credentials, signs in the account, and enters keywords in the search bar. After that, it selects the location and then from the results, the scraper saves all the links of the pages it finds. It then checks whether the URLs are valid or not. Then it scrapes all the details required and saves them on the server. The information can then be downloaded in the excel sheet. 

 Using this scraper, we were able to extract details of about more than 25000 Saloons across many different locations. 


  • The scraper can be used for lead generation which is very Important for Marketing and sales related companies.
  • Thousands of links can be generated within some time which would help the business immensely.
  • The client was able to save time, money, and effort with this scrapping tool. 

Facebook Lead Generation