The Client owns multiple Instagram IDs. The Client had customers who needed more followers, likes and comments on their Instagram IDs. Most influencers need more followers to make others follow them. We follow people with more followers because we believe they post entertaining content. So, to do these actions like following, sharing, liking, unfollowing, viewing a video, commenting, unlike, message etc. on Instagram using multiple accounts is a time-consuming process. 

If this process is done manually, the person will have to log in through all the IDs one by one, and after logging in he would have to search for the person to follow, like or comment on and then perform the action. The time it would take for a person to do this using 500 to 700 IDs would be several hours. So, to solve this issue the Client needed an automated system which would perform these tasks for them. 

We started by planning and simplifying all the clients’ requirements. We documented all the actions which are needed to be performed by the bot. First, we built a system to perform sign-in/log-in action. After that, we had to build different systems for all other actions such as Like, dislike, follow, unfollow, comment, share etc. Then we merged all these actions such that it works simultaneously when needed and will work for the multiple accounts. 

After the process was completed, it worked in such flow: When initiated client entered the actions which are required and the number of accounts that would perform these actions. For example, if the client selected 20 accounts to follow an ID named XYZ, the ID XYZ will gain 20 new followers in an instant. It can get 20 likes as well. This made the process much easier and saved a lot of manual effort for the client.


  • The process helped the client with business growth and saved so many resources for him. 
  • Saved time, cost, and effort for all parties. 
  • The automation tool became a great asset for the client, as it saved loads of manual work.

Instagram Automation