The client had a requirement to scrape all the LinkedIn profiles that reacted to a poll. We automated this process of collecting user profiles as it is not feasible to manually extract all the profiles.

The script asks for the user’s username and password to log in to the LinkedIn account through which the poll was created as only the poll creator account can view the respondents of a poll. The poll links that are to be scraped have to be entered in the console when asked for.

The logging-in process, navigating to the poll page, and scraping all the profile users are automated and the final results, i.e., all the profile links, are categorized according to the option responded to and exported to the CSV file from where the user can access all the profiles.


  • A lot of time and human effort is saved through this bot
  • The client can reach specific people interested in a certain topic by considering those only who responded to a certain option.

LinkedIn Scraper