Telegram marketing is a type of messenger marketing that implies promoting a brand through Telegram. With this channel, you can grow your outreach, boost sales, and help customers explore your service. The client had a requirement to create a group with active members that are interested in a certain topic. It is possible to manually add members to a group/channel but it is tedious and requires a lot of time and human effort.

Therefore, we developed a bot to automate this process of identifying active users interested in the required subject and adding them to the client’s telegram group.

For identifying the members, existing groups centered around the required subject with large numbers of members are found manually and their group ids are given to the bot along with the group id of the client’s group. The script identifies the active members based on messages sent by them in the group and adds them to the client’s group if their privacy settings allow them to do so otherwise, it sends a personal message which can be customized to that member along with the joining link of the client’s group/channel.

Telegram’s policy condemns such automation and distributes penalties including permanent bans to accounts it suspects of doing such automation. We have considered such rate limits and developed our bots around them such that minimum penalties are levied and the whole process can be completed in the most efficient way possible.


  • A lot of time and human effort is saved through this bot.
  • The client can reach a huge number of people at once through this group and increase their reach.

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