How can you make data error free?

Web scraping can be challenging, especially when the most prominent websites actively work to thwart developers from doing so by employing a range of methods like setting a real user agent, using a headless browser, setting a referrer, CAPTCHAs, Javascript checks, and more. On the other hand, there are several analogous techniques that programmers may employ to get around these restrictions as well, enabling them to create web scrapers that are essentially undetectable. Read on to learn some quick guidelines to get error free data by web scraping:

4 Tips For Accurate Web Data Scraping

The following tips will help you get error-free data:

1. Set a Real User Agent

User Agents are a unique class of HTTP header that lets websites know precisely which browser you are using to access them. Some websites check User Agents and reject requests coming from User Agents that aren’t associated with a major browser. Since the majority of online scrapers don’t bother to set the User-Agent, they can be quickly identified by looking for missing User Agents. Instead, become one of those developers and set up a well-known user agent for your web crawler; to seek error-free data.       

2. Use a headless browser

The trickiest websites to scrape could look for minor indicators such as browser cookies, web fonts, extensions, and Java script execution to determine whether or not the request is coming from a legitimate user. It’s possible that you’ll need to set up your own headless browser to scrape these websites. In order to entirely escape detection and receive error-free data, you can utilize tools like Selenium and Puppeteer to create a programme that controls a genuine web browser precisely as a real user would.

3. Set a Referrer 

The Referer header is a part of an HTTP request that tells a website from where you came. The best way to do this is to make it appear as though you were referred by Google.

The header “Referer”: “” can be used to do this. 

Additionally, you can change this for websites in other nations. For instance, instead of using “,” you might want to use “” if you are trying to scrape a website in the UK. You can also search for the most frequent referrers to any website using a tool like, which is frequently a social media site like Youtube or another social media site. Your request appears even more legitimate by setting this header, as it appears to be traffic from a site that the webmaster would be expecting a lot of traffic to come from during normal usage but will help you in fetching error-free content.

4. Use a CAPTCHA Solving Service

One of the most common methods used by websites to ward off crawlers and obtain error-free data is to display a CAPTCHA. It is feasible to overcome these limitations in an affordable way because of services like ScraperAPI, fully integrated solutions, and niche CAPTCHA-solving solutions like 2Captcha and AntiCAPTCHA, which you can incorporate just for the CAPTCHA-solving capacity.

Web scraping provides a solution for people looking for an automated method of accessing structured web data. Get in touch with us at Relu Consultancy if you want to know more about data extraction techniques or if you’re looking for the best data scraping in the USA.

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