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    Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.

    Get a customized solution designed starting at $300 and take your company to the next level.

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      Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.

      Get a customized solution designed starting at $300 and take your company to the next level.

      Boost your business with our ready-to-use scraped Datasets of Shopee
      starting at just $50 and get a competitive edge in the market.

      What will you get in Shopee Data Scraper?

    • Our Shopee data scraper services allow you to extract data such as product details, brand, conditions, pricing, age, and images without requiring you to write code and effortlessly integrate data feeds into spreadsheets. Shopee is a treasure trove of customer and market insights for anyone looking to expand their e-commerce business. With hundreds of transactions taking place every day, Shopee offers a data warehouse that can provide you with competitive advantages in the market.

    • The market is constantly changing; data scraping automates the data collection process and helps one grasp the changing industry trends. Web scraping can help you with a variety of tasks, including price monitoring, inventory management, and consumer analysis. Our web scrapers have been specifically built to gather information from all Shopee product pages.

    • Competitive pricing monitoring is a one-way web scraping that can help you get the best pricing points against competitors while increasing profits. Understanding market demands can help with better inventory management. Consumer reviews will help you evaluate the market for all items as well as uncover gaps in customer expectations, product offerings, and business opportunities.

    • Explore more uses with our 24×7 APIs hosted on Rapid API

      Does Shopee have a public API for Web Scraping?

    • Shopee users can have access to its API in order to scrape all of the essential information about the store and the products on Shopee. However, in order to use the API and extract data from the site, you must adhere to Shopee’s regulations. Shopee API calls are only permitted for certain app categories. ERP systems, Seller in House systems, and Product Management are the primary components.

    • To leverage the Shopee API, the Shopee scraper on GitHub extracts Shopee data using Markdown and Python programs. That script is based on Shopee’s public API. Nonetheless, the site develops a very dynamic page to display the products and their complete information (the Jason file). Furthermore, the API is open to the public. Thus, no divs, classes, or selenium are necessary to stimulate the Shopee data scraper on the web browser.

    • Benefits of extracting data from Shopee

      There are a number of advantages to extracting data from Shopee. You will be able to make the best decisions to meet market demands and increase your annual e-commerce sales. Furthermore, you can also be fortunate enough to obtain the following information:

    • Competitive superiority in the online marketplace
    • A superior level of customer perception
    • A superior level of inventory management
    • Keeping tabs on illicit sales channels
    • Retail arbitrage on the internet
    • Market trend forecasting
    • Monitoring market changes
    • Product evaluation analysis
    • And much more beyond your imagination.

    • So, if you plan to scrape Shopee data, you can effortlessly launch your online store and propel your e-commerce to the next level.


      Get access to Shopee
      website data

      List of Shopee Data Scraper Services

      Our Shopee Products and Pricing Data Scraper was designed to collect detailed product information and pricing from Shopee. Name, pricing, price currency, product code, image, brand, seller, Item Ratings, Category, URL, and so on are all part of the scraped data. Some of its services are described in detail below:

      Get Access to Shopee Data

      Make your business stand out among the competition with our top-notch Shopee scraping services. Gone are the days when you struggled to find the treasure trove of customer and market insights. Our Shopee data extraction services can an open the door to scraped product information, keywords, categories, reviews, pricing, and more. 

      At Relu Consultancy, we help you understand customer behaviour and demands to ensure a superior level of management and operations flow. Propel your eCommerce business to the next level with 100% authentic and accurate data sets. Contact us today to learn more about how you can get access to Shopee data. 

      How to get a Shopee Seller Database?

      The right answer to this question is the Shopee Scraper service from Relu Consultancy. Instead of letting you struggle with coding and technical jargon, we bring the most automated and advanced tool to get your hands on the insightful Shopee eCommerce data. 

      Choose Relu Consultancy for one of the most convenient and featured tools offering millions of product, page, and seller information from the Shopee eCommerce platform. Scale your business and marketing campaigns like never before with a keen eye on what other competitive sellers are targeting to grab their audience.  

      Get in touch with us today to know more about Shopee seller data extraction.

      Process of Shopee Data Scraper

      Without a doubt, the most significant aspect is the actual process of scraping Shopee product data. You may find numerous Shopee scraping tools online. However, not all produce efficient results. However, you rely on Relu consultancy, to scrape millions of product, page, and seller details from Shopee to feed your business and marketing insights.

      Another fantastic feature of Relu Consultancy is that it already includes a template for extracting data from Shopee. You simply enter data into the template and run it. Within minutes, your requested data will be scraped and transferred to your device. Contact us and follow the steps below to acquire a free trial, or read the Shopee Product Information Scraping Tutorial for more information.


      Copy and paste Shopee URL to scrape

      Copy the URL from the target web page and paste it into our search bar on the homepage. To proceed, click the 'Start' button.


      Create a workflow and make changes

      We will begin auto-detecting by default. After that, build a workflow, and you'll see a "Data Preview" section where you can inspect the scraped data. You can eliminate superfluous data or change the current data fields.


      Extract data from Shopee and export

      Finally, save the entire task and select "RUN" from the upper right corner. Now, select the "Run on your device" option to extract the data to your device. Premium customers can also select the "Run in the Cloud" option to save their data in the cloud. You can then save your Shopee scraped data to a database or download it in Excel format.

      Frequently Asked Questions ?

      What is Shopee?

      Shopee is one of the most famous and well-known e-commerce platforms in Southeast Asia and Taiwan, having started in 2015 in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Poland, Vietnam, Indonesia, Brazil, Mexico, Japan, Korea, the Philippines, Hong Kong, Colombia, Argentina, and Chile.

      It connects vendors and consumers by offering a variety of things ranging from electronics to fashion. It is a region-specific platform that offers clients an easy, secure, and quick online shopping experience with robust payment and logistical assistance.

      Shopee's mission is to consistently develop its platform and become the region's preferred e-commerce destination through constant product improvement and localized, user-centered ways. As a dynamic marketplace, it allows its customers to scrape its data in accordance with their own criteria.

      How do I get Shopee Data?

      The following steps will guide you through the scraping process using Shopee's web data scraping service provided by Relu Consultancy:

      1. Please send us a list of the products, categories, or sellers you want to scrape, as well as the product details you want to scrape, such as : -
      Price, ranking, ratings, reviews, product claims, product descriptions, and bullet points; Breadcrumbs by Category; ASIN; Product Name; Model Number; Manufacturer; Insurance Coverage; and any other information accessible on the Shopee website.

      2. Relu Consultancy delivers output in the form of a structured flat file, making it simple to use.

      What kind of data will I receive?

      Using the Shopee web scraping service (an efficient yet unofficial API), you can scrape product prices, IDs, brands, ratings, reviews, price, product claims, product descriptions, bullets, category breadcrumbs, ASIN, product name, model, number, manufacturer, insurance, coverage, and any other data available on the Shopee website. Generally, Shopee’s data can be scraped for a variety of purposes, including:

      ● Product Details: include photos, descriptions, seller information, listing time, and many more.
      ● Max Page Numbers: easily scrap as many pages as you want.
      ● Search Results: by using keywords, any specific search result can be scraped.
      ● Product Categories: scrape any product category with pagination.
      ● Customer Reviews: scrape all reviews of customers in order to gain insight into how they make decisions.

      What are the prices of Shopee data scraping services?

      Prices are determined by the service's specifications. You can reach out to us at Relu Consultancy, fill out the form for a sample, and get a quote. You can always upgrade your plan as per your specific requirements.

      Can I get Shopee data for free?

      Yes, you may obtain data from Shopee, the world's largest e-commerce website. Scrape prices, IDs, brands, descriptions, ratings, and other data using Relu consultancy services. For more information, contact us at Relu Consultancy.


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        Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.

        Get a tailor-made solution specially designed at just
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          Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.

          Get a customized solution designed starting at $200 and take your company to the next level.

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            Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.

            Get a customized solution designed starting at $200 and take your company to the next level.

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              Our team is available 24/7 to support you and ensure your success.