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The data set contains Shopee Malaysia sellers that deliver their products by themselves or using 3rd Party logistic provider. In addition, the data set contains email and contact numbers* along with details like Total products sold, Number of products in the store, Followers, Following, and other relevant info about the seller.


  • Identifying top-performing sellers on Shopee Malaysia based on total products sold and store size
  • Researching and comparing different sellers and their use of 3rd party logistics providers
  • Contacting sellers for marketing or partnership opportunities
  • Analyzing seller activity and engagement on the platform, including followers and following
  • Using email and contact information to reach out to sellers for business or research purposes directly
  • Gathering insights into the e-commerce market on Shopee Malaysia through seller data.

Data set Highlights

  • Total unique sellers details with contact info: 1579

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Additional Resources – Case study

Shopee Malaysia Own Fleet Sample data
NamesFollowerChatJoinRatingUsernameProductsFollowingActiveSoldCategorySub-categorySeller typeURL
mrv9916187% (Within Hours)27 Months Ago5.0 (5.7k Rating)mrv99219Active 2 hours ago107WatchesWomen's WatchesOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/mrv99
TimeStation26.3k99% (Within Hours)5 Years Ago5.0 (3.5k Rating)timestation8785kActive 5 minutes ago3761WatchesMen's WatchesOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/timestation
A S H A D A STORE27294% (Within Hours)26 Months Ago4.9 (545 Rating)amernasrulah25222Active 29 minutes ago999Mobile & AccessoriesAudioOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/amernasrulah
Finales Collection0.0195% (Within Hours)4.9 (4.7k Rating)5.4kfinalescollection1451.5kActive 2 minutes ago23831Baby & ToysDiapers & PottiesOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/finalescollection
WATCHCENTRAL1.4k78% (Within Hours)5 Years Ago4.9 (705 Rating)hikmahzakaria582.3kActive 2 hours ago1229WatchesCouple & Set WatchesOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/hikmahzakaria
Mobile_Solution25.4k98% (Within Hours)5 Years Ago4.9 (58k Rating)mobile_solution33753Active 14 minutes ago142450Mobile & AccessoriesWearablesStandard Delivery,Others (East Malaysia),Self Collection (Shopee Xpress)https://shopee.com.my/mobile_solution
Tiptoptime888.2k92% (Within Hours)4 Years Ago5.0 (7.2k Rating)tiptoptime8842329Active 10 minutes ago18236WatchesOthersStandard Delivery,Others (West Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/tiptoptime88
yus1110.0928% (Within Hours)4.6 (4.4k Rating)6.1kborongmalaysia1461322Active 49 minutes ago8327Home & LivingFurnitureOthers (West Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/borongmalaysia1
philomath_person574% (Within Hours)8 Months Ago5.0 (3 Rating)socmed_booster42No4WatchesOthersOthers (West Malaysia),Others (East Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/socmed_booster
MyDream.Concept2.1k93% (Within Hours)24 Months Ago4.8 (2.4k Rating)mdcmattress192kActive 11 minutes ago4808Home & LivingBeddingOthers (West Malaysia)https://shopee.com.my/mdcmattress