Revolutionize your pricing strategy with competitive insights and intelligence

  • Find the list price, selling price, and discount for every product at each competitor’s current price.
  • To enable dynamic pricing models in real-time, compare the costs of comparable items across all competitors.
  • For every SKU, find the exact match, and keep an eye on price changes.
  • Chart each product’s price evolution.
  • Be informed of fresh discounts and offers.
  • Set the appropriate pricing for each SKU that is neither too high nor too low and applies to all channels and times.

Optimize your inventory with real-time product discovery and matching

  • Get access to the competitor’s product catalog, inventory level, and all product data.
  • Keep up with your own accurate product profiles.
  • Find new markets for your items or categories.
  • Receive real-time notifications when your suppliers launch a new brand line so you can easily add the SKUs to your website.
  • Utilize a variety of competitors at once to identify inventory gaps that might profit from.

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Monitor consumer sentiment

  • Find out which brands and categories are popular in each nation.
  • Check design, variety, and merchandising options to make sure the commercial offer is appropriate.
  • Recognize changes in customer demand and rapidly pinpoint products that are becoming more or less popular with consumers.
  • Recognize the difficulties potential clients encounter by understanding their path.
  • Concentrate your marketing initiatives on top sellers.

Search Engine Optimization

  • Discover the keywords that your competitors are ranking for, the blog data they are using, and even the types of pay-per-click (PPC) advertisements they are running.

  • Develop a content strategy to support your other underperforming blogs and websites using the data your web scraper extracts.
  • Identify which links are helpful to you and which ones undermine your chances of ranking when you perform web scraping.

  • Enhance your SEO efforts.
  • There are scraper bots that may carry out the operation for you if you lack the time or resources to accomplish it manually.

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Supply chain Management

  • Big data analysis can be used to: adjust dynamic prices, find new buyers to meet stock expectations, and many other stages.
  • Brands can monitor problems and changes in the supply chain with the use of online access and web scraping technology.
  • Extract web content to keep tabs on information and events that could potentially affect corporate operations.
  • Helps businesses gather and utilize data more effectively. Offering useful data, market insights, process automation, and enhanced customer experience.
  • Save a great deal of precious time while streamlining the entire business process.

Mine data for the benefit of online stores

  • Offers efficient and accurate demand forecasting. The analysis of user attitudes, needs, and preferences is made possible by automated data collecting, which also enables extensive predictive analysis.

  • Effective approach to spot market trends and consumer behavior in e-commerce. Automated data collecting can be used to identify the most successful goods in your area.

  • Utilize these sites’ API connections to track site performance in real time.

  • Find out as much as you can about your clients so that you can modify your market strategy to better meet their needs.
  • To enhance your products or open new stores, get current, relevant data on prices for goods and services and consumer preferences. You may also generate leads and undertake high-level SEO analysis.

Get access to Shopee website data

Explore more uses with our 24×7 APIs hosted on Rapid API

The best customer experience in the industry

To provide the best customer experience, businesses should strive to make their services easy to use, reliable, and fast. Additionally, providing excellent customer support and delivering good value for money can contribute to a positive customer experience. By considering the needs and preferences of their customers and continuously working to improve their services, businesses can aim to provide the best customer experience possible.

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